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Everyone has a right to learn.

But today in the US, the education you receive depends on where you live, what your parents earn, and the color of your skin.

That’s a serious injustice. In the national movement to right it, our contribution is the leadership of remarkable people.

Our people—diverse and passionate—start in low-income classrooms, where the stakes are highest. We help them become teachers who can dramatically expand students’ opportunities. But our teachers don’t just teach their students, they learn from them.

They gain a better understanding of the problems and the opportunities in our education system and use those lessons to define their path forward. Many stay in the classroom. Others leave. Both paths matter because to set things right, we need leaders in all areas of education and social justice united in a vision that one day, all kids will have access to an excellent education.


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“If you are passionate about education equity and touching the lives of students, TFA is the place for you."

Jake Polansky


McKenzie Hartmann

San Fransisco, Bay Area

Today’s featured corps member is McKenzie Hartmann

Quick Facts:

TFA Placement:

San Francisco, Bay Area 2019 corps

Year: Senior

Major: BHP Marketing and Plan II

"I want to create more than just  a teacher-student relationship. I want to be someone they can come to as a mentor in life." 

       Sarah Khan


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