Isaiah Jay Carter

Today's spotlight feature of Isaiah Carter! Isaiah is a senior studying Liberal Arts Honors and Government here at UT and has been offered a spot in the Teach for America Corps in Dallas. Here at UT, Isaiah is heavily active in a number of organizations. He's been a part of Student Government, Camp Texas, the Texas Silver Spurs Alumni Association, Undergraduate Advisory Council, served President of Texas Wranglers and was also appointed as the sole student on the University Budget Council. 


When asked about his motivations for being a part of Teach for America, Isaiah focuses on his youth. "Growing up, I grew up in a mixed background and I saw my family in inner-city Houston. I saw the differences in resources that were available to higher income schools that just aren’t available to inner city schools sometimes." His experiences as a child grew his drive to work on bridging educational inequity and impacting lives in a positive way. "I kind of realized how privileged I was to be going to such a great university. I knew I wanted to create an impact on the community ‘someday’. For people who want to be change makers, you have to really put yourself into the community and get down and dirty with it to understand what’s really going on. I think that educational equality is the key to the majority of problems that we have in the country. And to fix we have to go in there and experience what’s really going on and hopefully, change it." For Isaiah, Teach for America serves as a way to understand the community that he wants to help improve and serve. "I thought that TFA would provide me with perspective on the real world and get me out of my own little bubble. "

Isaiah plans on staying at TFA for as long as he can help others. After that, he wants to attend law school and move into public policy and law. "I plan to be in TFA for as long as I need to make an impact. After that, I hope to go to law school and then enter the public service sphere and capitalize on some of the things that I’ve learned and experienced through TFA. I’ve always been law and policy-oriented." 

For juniors and seniors who are currently planning on applying for TFA, Isaiah says that understanding Teach for America is very important. "Put time into the application, make sure you do your research before you start your application!" The best way to learn more about TFA and understand the experience is to make use of alumni and current TFA corps members. "Sit down and talk to people who have done TFA or are doing TFA. Be open to the straying from the concrete path you may have set for yourself your entire life. Be open to doing something different." 

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Jorge Galan