Jessica Robinson

The University of Texas at Austin’s Teach for America recruitment team is continuing our 2018 Corps Member features! We’re highlighting some of the fantastic individuals who have signed on as corps members, such as Vignesh Ramdas, in order to shed some light on an organization that focuses on eliminating educational inequity once and for all.

Today's feature is Jessica Robinson! Jessica is a senior from the Woodlands, Texas, double majoring in Corporate Communication and Broadcast Journalism. On campus, Jessica has been heavily involved with Alpha Chi Omega and Texas Althetics. She has also served as a manager and member of the Division one rowing team and as a television sports reporter for Texas Student television. Graduating a year early, she will be teaching early education in the Richmond region of the Bay Area next year!


At the start of college, Jessica always thought she would end up as a broadcast journalist or an athletic director, but after pursuing these careers she realized that neither of those paths are right for her at the moment. When a TFA ambassador spoke in one of her classes, Jessica realized that serving children in low-income schools is what she has always wanted to do. "Education is incredibly important & I want to dedicate my next two years to teaching kids how to use sports and learning to reach their greatest potential, helping them to be the best they can be." After chasing down all of her prior dreams, she has realized that promoting education to our nation's deserving children is the most worthwhile profession.

After her two year commitment, Jessica is open to going wherever her experiences take her! She hopes to combine her passions for education and sports to make the greatest impact. She would love to implement sports leadership programs in schools as a way to help students get to college and develop life skills.

Jessica's advice for students considering becoming corps members? "If you have any inkling that this is what you want to do, apply! You have plenty of time to figure out exactly what you want to do with your life. How could you pass up an opportunity to learn about and better yourself while serving the community?"

We are very excited for Jessica to get into the classroom next year! Stay tuned for next Tuesday's 2018 corps member highlight. If you would like more information, please reach out to our Recruitment Manager, Jorge Galan at

Jorge Galan