Aarti Bhat

The University of Texas at Austin’s Teach for America recruitment team is continuing our 2018 Corps Member features! We are highlighting some of the fantastic individuals who have signed on as corps members, such as Lilli Stevens, in order to shed some light on an organization that focuses on eliminating educational inequity once and for all.


Today's featured longhorn is Aarti Bhat! Aarti is a senior from Austin, majoring in Plan II Honors as well as Human Development & Family Sciences. While at the University of Texas, Aarti has been heavily involved in Texas Lonestars, Camp Texas, and Texas THON.

When asked about her interest in Teach For America, Aarti traces it back to high school. “Growing up in a fairly homogenous and privileged community, I was not exactly aware of how much privilege I had in my life until I began volunteering with Girl’s Empowerment Network and PALS - Peer Assistance and Leadership - in East Austin. When I saw how different my education experience was from that of the children I was working with, I knew that I must have a hand in changing that.” 

Aarti is especially passionate about how race and environmental factors influence health outcomes.  She believes that health issues can stem from differences in opportunity and education. As these systems are very linked, the TFA mission aligns with her personal mission. “What was really important to me is that TFA would be a place where I was really helping the people around me and enacting the most change that I possibly could. After learning more about the work that TFA does, I feel confident that it is the right place for me.”

Next fall, Aarti will be teaching biology to middle or high school students in the Bay area. She is planning to simultaneously enroll in the Teach For America masters program at Loyola Marymount. After her two-year commitment with TFA, Aarti hopes to pursue a PhD. Of her long-term career plans, Aarti says "I hope to teach as a professor like my dad does here at the University of Texas. A lot of my interest in education comes from the fact that there are professors onboth sides of my family. It has been instilled in me since the beginning that what you do with your career should be something that makes the world a better place.” With TFA, Aarti will be doing just that. 

Aarti’s advice to current students considering the program? “Talk to people! Talk to the recruitment team and other Longhorns who have been TFA corps members. These are the best tools available to you to learn more about the TFA experience.” 

Stay tuned for more 2018 Corps Member features each Tuesday afternoon! If you have any interest in applying, talk to our Recruitment Manager, Jorge Galan. He can be reached at Jorge.Galan@teachforamerica.org.


Jorge Galan