Carissa Weber

The University of Texas at Austin’s Teach for America recruitment team is continuing our 2017 Corps Member features! We’re highlighting some of the fantastic individuals who have signed on as corps members, such as Jeannine Hightower, in order to shed some light on an organization that focuses on eliminating educational inequity once and for all.

Our featured corps member is Carissa Weber, a recent graduate with a BSA in mathematics. During her time at UT, Carissa was involved in Texas Spirits, Camp Texas
and UTeach. Carissa hopes to build on her experience in UTeach with Teach for America: “I joined TFA because I want to empower young people of color. While I graduated with my certification in secondary education, I chose to pursue teaching specifically through TFA because I saw it as an opportunity to continue growing as an educator. I love that TFA pushes you to view education through a sociological and political lens. I hope to learn more about issues of race, power, and policy with regards to the educational field.”

Carissa will be teaching mathematics for 6th-12th grade in Atlanta, Georgia. After her time with TFA, Carissa hopes to stay involved in education by obtaining a masters in Educational Administration or Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies. While she’s excited to relocate to Atlanta, she realizes the challenges of moving. “I grew up in Austin and have never lived anywhere else. Starting from scratch so far from home will be challenging. I’ll be living in a brand new city where I don’t know very many people and while it won’t be easy, I’m so incredibly excited for the journey.” She hopes any potential applicants first talk to confirmed corps members about their experiences with TFA. “Talk to corps members, reach out to friends or even acquaintances who are in/have done the program and ask them about their journey with TFA! The more I learned about TFA the more confident I felt that it was something I had to be involved with.”

Stay tuned for more 2017 Corps Member features! If you have any interest in applying, talk to our Recruitment Manager, Jorge Galan. He can be reached at


Jorge Galan