Christina Wen


Quick Facts:




Accounting, MIS minor


Connecticut Corps 2019

Christina Wen grew up in a very small town in New Jersey, but she credits her parents with encouraging her to explore a broader world. “I grew up 5-10 minutes away from Newark” Christina said. “And my parents had lived there when they first moved here, and so they encouraged me to be involved in the area, not afraid of it.”

Her own education is why she’s here today. “I was so shy growing up and I would barely speak,” she said. “But I had a professor who saw how I wrote and how passionate I was, and she told me to do a speech competition. She worked with me every day after school so that I could do it. I chose to speak about education.”

From then on, Christina’s willingness to stand up and speak out has become a hallmark of her character and leadership. Christina is the Senior VP in her business fraternity and a leader in the many organizations she’s involved with. “I saw things that needed to be changed,” she said. “I took on this role because I saw that we could use different techniques to recruit students who would benefit from our resources.”

While she sees practical ways to problem solve in her day to day, Christina also has a bigger vision. “If I was the leader of the free world, I would change the education system,” she said. “I want people all over the world to have the best education and be able to achieve their dreams.”

That vision is what’s driving her to do Teach For America. “I’m looking forward to getting to know the story of each of my students, where they came from and what they wanna do and seeing the growth for each one of them,” she said. “I can’t wait to emphasize to them that I just want them to grow as much as they can. I know I’ll make mistakes, but I’m looking forward to embracing that and learning from my mistakes and seeing how these kids are gonna shape me.”

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