Kayla Eboreime

Hello everyone! Today's spotlight feature is Kayla Eboreime! Kayla is a junior at UT studying Public Health and Pre-med. Here at UT, she's been involved with the Women in Natural Science, the Council for Diversity Engagement, and the Black Student Alliance. 

Kayla's motivations for wanting to join Teach for America stem from her experiences growing up. "I grew up in a predominantly white area, my elementary school was less than 1% black and I never had a black teacher from k-12. I was very frustrated by that because when you don’t see people that look like you in positions in leadership it can be frustrating and create a sense of other. It doesn’t create a sense of belonging for students of color. I love science and promoting science for students of color. I wanted to be the black teacher that another student could look up to." 

"I want to bolster the science footing and foundation for students. I’ve seen a lot of students of color drop the premed track because they came from schools that didn’t prepare them for the rigor of the UT STEM program. It’s strange when valedictorians of their high schools aren’t given the tools to compete here at UT and consider science as an option." 

She became interested specifically in Teach for America after speaking with a friend who is currently part of the Corps in Dallas. "She told me about how difficult and challenging it was for her but how she gained a great network and strong skill set. She was also able to pour into her children during her time there. I want to be many things. I want to be a doctor, a teacher, a professor. I’m interested in policy as well. TFA will definitely be a way for me to get to where I’m going. " 

After finishing her time at Teach for America, Kayla hopes to work in the healthcare space. "Since I’m a public health major, I’m really interested in the relationship between healthcare and people of color. I might potentially become a practicing physician but I’m also interested in the policy side of it. Maybe that means being a part of the public health profession." 

For the students who are considering doing Teach for America, Kayla says this: "Shoot your shot. If you’re interested in it, then go for it. I applied as a junior so I know I have this opportunity for myself after graduating. Take advantage of the fact that you know you want to do something and go for it. "

To learn more about Teach for America, please reach out to your recruitment director Jorge Galan at jorge.galan@teachforamerica.org.

Jorge Galan