Hasan Tinwala


Quick Facts:

Year: Senior

Major: Biochemistry with a Business and Healthcare certificate

TFA Region: Dallas Ft. Worth ‘19 Corps

This semester, Hasan Tinwala is focused on growing UT’s Health Advocacy Student Coalition (HASC).  The goal of the HASC is to combine work from health-focused student organizations on campus to create an agenda and advocate for better health policy at UT-Austin and beyond.

Healthcare is Hasan’s passion, and after Teach For America, he plans on going to medical school. Tinwala believes his experience as a teacher will directly impact his work later on in life as a doctor.

“People have a hard time understanding the many facets of healthcare, that it’s more than just visiting the doctor, and there are long-term impacts,” Hasan said. “I think a lot of it is about empowering people to be able to know — with medicine one of the big things is that it can be very opaque. I want to help people understand really what is going on.” Hasan believes his time teaching will help him be the best communicator possible for his patients.

He chose to do Teach For America specifically because of his own high school chemistry teacher. “I got to tell her she’s the reason I want to help kids through this program,” he said.

One thing he said is top of mind for him is the fact that a lot of the students he’ll be working with will be black or Latino students. “While I’m a minority, I’m not the minority they’re used to seeing,” he said. “So I will have to do a lot of work to break down my own internal biases and to build that rapport.”

Overall, Hasan is excited for his future years as a teacher. “My friend told me it’s quite definitely the hardest experience of his life, but he wouldn’t change a thing because TFA’s network was so strong and supportive that he didn’t feel like he was doing it alone.”

Josephine MacLean