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Myles Boone

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Houston, high school math

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Finance, minor in Accounting

Myles Boone grew up in San Antonio and, although he grew up with resources and teachers who encouraged him, he’s aware that not all students have that.

“I look back on my experiences and compare them to my father’s,” Myles said. “My dad didn’t have the same resources. He had to walk four or five miles to school. When he got into high school he was in a more selective school, but he had to work till ten at night, each night, to fund his education and support his family.”

Myles decided to join Teach For America because he wants to work with kids who are in situations similar to his father’s and to the situations he experienced growing up.

“Even though I was in privileged schools, I didn’t see any black male educators, and I experienced a lot of microaggressions that I didn’t realize were even happening,” he said. “I want to make sure my students can be fully aware of themselves, and their identities, in a way I wasn’t able to be.”

When talking about the work he’s done through college, Myles said one of the best experiences of his life has been mentoring and tutoring kids in low-income communities in Austin.

As he gets ready to transition to teach high school math in Houston, Myles is thinking about all the challenges he’ll face.

“I know that teaching and being an effective teacher has a huge learning curve, and they always say you don’t get good at the job until you get into the flow,” Myles said.

But he said the most important thing to him was to give every student his all from day one.

“I want to make sure every day I’m getting into the job and giving the kids the best I can give.”

As he gets ready to go into such a challenging new space, Myles reflected on the values he’s developed in college. Working in the business world, he’s filled with a passion for innovating and exploring creative solutions. But, that’s not the only goal Myles wants to pursue.

After listening to Robert F. Smith talk about his own life path at a UT event, Myles came away with an insight that led him to choose Teach For America. “Whatever work you’re doing is going to have its drawbacks but at the end of the day, you’re going to look back and want to know what you’re doing is the thing you are most passionate about,” Myles said.

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