Aimee Lara


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Aimee Lara

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San Antonio, Bilingual Elementary Education

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Sociology, Economics

As the child of immigrants from Monterey, Mexico, Aimee Lara’s cultural experiences influenced her choices throughout her college career. She was raised in a bilingual household that emphasized the importance of education, and she was encouraged by parents who recognized and nurtured her potential from a young age.

“My parents always tried to do things to peak my interest in education like going to science museums and giving me lots of diverse interesting books,” Aimee said.

Aimee credits her parents’ commitment to teaching her exciting new material as to why she grew up loving learning. Aimee said her experiences with learning in her youth have made her more excited for her future role as a bilingual elementary school teacher in San Antonio.

“I felt that elementary was the right group for me because they are so malleable at that age and those formative years set them up for how they see learning for the rest of their lives,” she said.

She said she hopes her students have diverse experiences so she can emphasize what everyone can learn from each other and how to appreciate other people’s cultures.

In addition to being involved in TX Sunshines and Minority Women Pursuing Law, Aimee is currently working on her senior sociology thesis that addresses policy concerns with families being separated at the border. This topic peaked her interest because there is a significant amount of coverage and research that goes into what happens at the border, but not enough investigation goes into the lasting implications detainment can have on kids when families are reunited.

“There’s a security and closeness that goes away when kids come back and we need to be thinking about how to combat that long term emotional trauma, as well as the issues that arise from the experience itself,” Aimee said.

After Teach for America Aimee hopes to pursue a career in immigration law, a goal that Aimee believes both her undergraduate research and her upcoming experience with Teach for America will prepare her for.

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